A Positively Powered BraveSpeaks Retreats

Restore Your BraVe Heart

Half-day positively powered self-care retreats to inspire inner growth, and celebrate your BraVe, Beautiful Soul! Filled with with inspiration, reflection and connection, Restore Your BraVe Heart retreats are intentionally designed to help you fuel your confidence, unwind stress and nurture self-love.

Isn't it time to reconnect with and learn to love a all aspects of your Brave Beautiful Self?

At Restore Your BraVe Heart, you'll:

  • Renew your personal energy & calm your circuits
  • Reignite what fuels your joy & happiness
  • Inspire inner growth & recharge self-care
  • Relax with essential oils & rewire self-doubt
  • Positively power new connections & more!

Fuel Courage: On | Confidence: On | Self-Love: On

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October 2024
TBD | Mt. Pleasant, MI
November 2, 2024 | Save the Date!
Inspiring Inner Growth | Petoskey, MI 49770

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Meet Your Facilitators:


February 24, 2024
1:00pm Eastern Time

Meagan Krzywosinski

The Founder of Inspiring Inner Growth LLC, BraVe Speaks, Meagan is practicing Human Resource Professional by day and yogi by life with a love for inspiring humans, on and off the yoga mat!

Nathalie Osborn

The Chief Energizer of Positively Powered, Nathalie is on a mission help burnt-out professionals recharge and reclaim your power so you can fuel success, unplug stress and energize a life and career you love sustainably!

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